Whether you are an experienced actor or would like to explore your inner thespian, MAT conducts open auditions periodically for upcoming productions.


Check back regularly, connect with our social media channels, or register below for auditions coming soon.

New auditions will be posted as they are scheduled for the rest of our upcoming season.

Auditions for THE ART OF DINING

The Art of Dining is a comic play. It takes place in a small upscale restaurant where Ellen and Cal are the owners, Chef and lone staff. Ellen’s fastidious concerns over the quality and taste of her gourmet creations and running interference between her ingredients and Cal’s voracious appetite are just the tip of the colourful cornicopia of characters cooked up by Tina Howe. She serves up a bowlful of hiliarity of human foibles and idiosyncrasies of the couple and their patrons!


Have we whet your appetite yet? Auditions are coming
up fast!

Audition Dates:
OCT 11 - 6:30pm to 9:30pm
OCT 12 - 1:30pm to 4:30pm
@ the MAT warehouse (12 Brammer Dr.)

Characters to Cast: 6 women, 3 men (all ages are flexible)

Auditions will be by appointment - PLEASE BOOK A TIME.

Selected scenes from script will be cold-read in pairs or groups of 3. No preparation/ additional audition pieces required.

Performance Dates:
February 13th to 23rd

Rehearsals begin on Wed. Nov. 13th, then will be every Monday and Wednesday evenings, and Sunday afternoons. Times as yet to be confirmed. Also, we will take 2 weeks off over the Christmas Holiday & New Years.


Still Interested? Book your auditions with:
Candy Pryce via email at CJPryce@Bell.net, or by phone at (705) 728-9184 (cell)  or (705) 828-3311 (home).

Please don’t miss out. It’s going to be so much fun!

Future Auditions

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